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How Our Brain Gets Us Motivated   An ingenious way of lighting up brain networks shows researchers what prompts us to act and offers a clue to depression.

Why Teenage Fear Lingers  Problems with anxiety often show up in adolescence. A study shows why, and why it’s hard for teens to calm down.

Too Much Java Linked to Glaucoma Risk   Three or more cups of coffee a day significantly raises your risk for developing a form of glaucoma.
Ketamine Research Leads to the First New Depression Drugs in Decades  Ketamine is a pediatric anesthetic, a club drug, and the most promising antidepressant in decades.
The New OxyContin Spurs Heroin Use  Abuse of Rush Limbaugh’s favorite painkiller prompted a reformulation. Unfortunately, that prompted heroin use.

The Complicated Relationship between Alcohol and Anxiety  Alcohol addiction may rewire the brain so that it can’t rebound from stress. PTSD suffers may want to take note.

Let it Shine: New Window Coating Lets in More Light  An experimental window coating lets in more light at the blue end of the spectrum. This shift could improve health in a number of ways.

60, 70 or 80: It’s Not Too Late to Stop Smoking  Quitting smoking lowers one’s mortality risk, even for smokers in their 60s, 70s and 80s.

A Brain Chemical That Makes Bad Memories Disappear  Researchers discover a brain chemical that helps us shed stress, or not.

A Three-Hour Therapy Session Could Treat Arachnophobia   People so afraid of spiders that they wouldn’t walk on grass were cured of their phobia with only one brief therapy session.
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